Sublimation Printing

Full color designs and is cost effective for small orders.

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Soft, Durable Printing

Sublimation printing is the process of transferring a dye from a solid to a gas bypassing the liquid state. This process doesn’t leave a raised surface like traditional screen printing. So there’s nothing to feel and that means you just feel the shirt.

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With sublimation you can print on a variety of surfaces. Get full color prints to match the design on your shirts, sandals and a many other items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sublimation is restricted to:

  • 100% Polyester garments
  • Light colored garments
  • 12″ by 17″ printable area (spot sublimation)
  • White is not a printable color

Requires at least a 50% polyester shirt. This results in a more faded look.

100% polyester results in a brighter print.

Some of sublimation’s benefits are:

  • Full color prints with no setup charge.
  • Quality – crisp images
  • You can’t feel the print on the shirt and it wont fade away. Breathes better, too.
  • Affordable for small order qty
  • Affordable for individual names and numbers

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